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Our Next Meeting is scheduled for  November 8th 2023 
at 7pm in the 


NEW Sports Gear Store Coming Soon!!!!

Shout out to a local dad that made this beautiful tribute to his former Sachems from the old Gym floor. JM Woodworks in Groveland. Bravo!


The Pentucket Athletic Association (PAA) was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit volunteer parent organization that supports the athletic mission of the Pentucket Regional High School.

All parents of current student athletes are members of the PAA; there is no membership form or fee! 

The PAA promotes scholastic and athletic achievement to provide our student-athletes with positive, lifelong experiences.   It supports the values that athletics provides, such as sportsmanship, team work, and sound work ethics.   These are attributes that transcend athletics and will be invaluable to our students as they progress through life.

The PAA’s fundraising comes from several sources:

Proud Parent Sponsorships 

Business Sponsorships

Various Social Fundraisers  

Graduation Flower Sale

Pentucket Swag Sales 

Pentucket Pride 5k Road Race  *ran from 2009-2018





Each year, the PAA awards four (4) $500 scholarships to graduating senior student athletes.

The PAA also allocates expenditures to individual teams to provide additional support outside of the PRHS athletic department budgets.   Individual teams hold fundraising activities and all monies are kept in team booster accounts. In addition, the PAA assists booster groups with financial management of their funds.  Together with the PAA, the parent representatives, booster group members, and coaches determine student and team needs and decide on how funds are spent.

We have seasonal meetings and all parents, families, and coaches are invited and encouraged to attend!  We strive to keep meetings to less than an hour!


Provided by the PAA 

(2011 to Present, partial list)

Banners for Gym

Stipends for End of Year Banquets 

Basketball Shooting Machine


Batting Cage 



Field Fees  & Maintenance 

Football Hudl

Football Headsets 

Golf Cart 

Ice Machine

Jamboree fees 



Senior Celebration

Sound System

Subsidized User Fees 


Wrestling Mats 

PAA Info form 23 to 24.jpg


Come to a Seasonal PAA meeting
Become a parent representative for a sports team

Volunteer at a PAA fundraiser
Become a Proud Parent Sponsor!
Help at concession stands 
(ie. Football, basketball)

Become part of PAA Scholarship Selection Committee



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Pentucket HS @PentucketHS

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PAA Website:


Cape Ann League Schedule & Standings

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